While the new Winter Shelter is under construction, the shelter IS OPEN in an interim space at St. Peter’s Activity Center, North State Street (near the corner of Franklin), Concord. It is intended to serve Concord residents and is open from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM daily.  PLEASE contact the Resource Center at 238 N.Main St. between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm weekdays to check on eligibility and availability:  603-290-3375   At other hours call: (603) 777-2989‬.


CCEH is currently constructing a winter shelter at the back of our Resource Center property, which we expect to be operational by winter 2017/2018.  This will be a “low barrier” shelter that serves adults, including those with active addictions and felony convictions, so that those in need can sleep inside during dangerously cold winter months.

Want to Help? The winter shelter is part of CCEH’s three-year, Safe Spaces campaign.

Concord is currently served by 3 year-round shelters, two for families and one for adults who meet certain criteria.  In addition, for more than a decade First Congregational Church and South

Groundbreaking ceremony on October 10, 2017
From left to right: Michael Leuchtenberger, CCEH Chair, Ellen Groh, CCEH Executive Director, Tom Fredenburg, visionary for the project, Mayor Jim Bouley,

Congregational Church in Concord hosted a “low barrier” winter shelter, with support from hundreds of community volunteers.  For the past 2 years, a winter shelter has been operated at St. Peter’s Church, managed by the Friends Program, but this was an interim solution which could not continue.  CCEH decided that we needed to fill this critical gap in Concord’s safety net, and we have received tremendous support from the community in taking on this project.

Official groundbreaking October 10, 2017.  


Future Shelter Details

  • 40 bed shelter, Men and Women, Adults only
  • 7 pm- 7 am
  • Contact the Resource Center at 603-290-3375 for information
  • Due to the limited number of beds, this shelter is intended to serve people experiencing homelessness who already reside in the greater Concord area.



Want to volunteer at the Winter Shelter? Click here to view our current volunteer opportunities!