The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) recognizes JH Spain for their generosity and support.

CCEH has stepped up our efforts to create homes for individuals in our community that are experiencing long-term homelessness. Our new housing timelines are ambitious and only possible with the support of the construction contractor community.  In the current environment, when it is difficult to get a call back from a contractor, CCEH is especially grateful for the steadfast support of JH Spain.

Throughout the building process for our Green Street apartment conversion, JH Spain continuously made CCEH a top priority AND waived their entire profit on the project!  As CCEH gears up for two more multifamily renovation projects, JH Spain is standing shoulder-to-shoulder, helping CCEH through the complex development process.

For their ongoing support, CCEH has recognized JH Spain as an “Arch of Support”.

For the substantial time that JH Spain provides to help CCEH evaluate potential projects, we proudly present them with the “Golden Gourmet Food Basket Award.”

The Golden Gourmet Food Basket Award is a symbolic way for CCEH to show our deep gratitude to individuals and organizations who contribute significant volunteer expertise and energy toward the mission of CCEH.

CCEH’s gratitude goes out to the Spain family; Meghann, Joe and Colin. (Left to right in the picture). It is not just your generosity, but that you always say yes with a warm smile!