Talent Show Rules

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

Talent Show Rules

(If you have problems completing the talent show online form, email the information with a link to your submission to ccehtalentshow@gmail.com)

The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) is planning a talent show fundraiser for May 1, 2021 in Concord, NH.  The focus of the show is to encourage community involvement in a family-friendly environment that is entertaining and serves to encourage support of the mission to end homelessness in the Greater Concord area. Thank you for you interest!

The following rules and conditions, set by the CCEH Talent Show Committee (Committee) shall apply to every person, group, and/or organization wishing to participate in the competition.

All initial submissions must be submitted via a YouTube link or Facebook video.  If selected, participants must be available to perform in a live preliminary elimination round to be scheduled when it is safe to gather for such events, and at the fundraising event on May 1, 2021, all in Concord, NH.

1.      The Talent Show is open to all ages;

2.      The Committee encourages talent submissions representing a broad range and variety of performing arts and special skills, as approved by the Committee (e.g., singing, dancing, instrumental music, skits, magic, comedy, dramatic readings, poetry, martial arts, etc.).  Due to legal constraints, lip-syncing will not be permitted. If performing original music, lyrics will need to be certified at the time of submission;

3.      All participants shall return a completed and signed talent show application with a photo (preferably of the contestant performing);

4.      Recommended length for acts is 8 minutes;

5.      Useable stage dimensions are 15’ deep, 32’ wide, and 20’ high;

6.      No pyrotechnics, fire, fireworks or other dangerous activities, as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion;

7.      The Committee’s decision to accept or reject a talent submission or to determine that it has lost an elimination round shall be final.  Decisions of the Committee and those serving as judges of the performances in the competition are final;

8.      Absolutely no profanity or insensitive material permitted;

9.      As this is a community event, all material, costumes, props and music must be appropriate for all ages;

10.  Acts are responsible for their own costumes, props and music;

11.  All performances will be screened for appropriateness by the Committee;

12.  All performances must be the same as submissions;

13.  Acts with performers under 18 years of age shall have a written consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian for each such performer;

14.  All submissions are property of the CCEH and can be used in promotional/advertising materials and activities;

15.  There is no monetary compensation for winners of the elimination rounds or the final rounds; and

16.  Participants assume the risk of participating in this event and agree to hold harmless the Committee and CCEH, which are not responsible for injuries, damage or hurt feelings.

17. Unless the act is significantly different, prior year performers in the Final show must skip a year before auditioning for the current years elimination rounds.

18. Participants are limited to one performance at elimination rounds as well as the final show.

19. Contestants must submit a high resolution photo and a quote with there application. Quote should be one or two sentences that explains why they are excited to be in the show and why supporting the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness mission is important to them.

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