What are the prizes for the talent show winners?

Awards will be given.

Are there any restrictions on the types of acts that can participate?

No pyrotechnics, fire or fireworks; no weapons; and no foul or offensive language. This is a community event and all material, costumes, props and music must be appropriate for all ages and members of the public.  Please see the Talent Show Rules for further details.

Where and when are the elimination rounds taking place?

Elimination rounds will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays throughout May and June at Area 23 and Litherman’s Limited Brewery in Concord.  The dates and times have not been set as the Committee wants to wait to review the quantity and type of submissions received. Additional days and locations may be added in May and June.

Who are the judges?  How are winners determined?

There will be three judges for the elimination rounds. Two judges will be volunteers from the Talent Subcommittee, owners/representatives of the host establishments, or members of the public at the events.  For each elimination event, votes will be available to be purchased to help move a contestant to the final round. The people’s votes will count as a 3rd judge.

The judges for the Final event will include members of the CCEH Board and members of the community.  There will be 5 judges. At the final event there will be a Judges’ Choice and a People’s Choice winner.  The People’s Choice winner will be determined by the number of votes cast by the audience. Each attendee will be given one ballot, additional ballots will be available for purchase.

What if I don’t like the decision of the judges?

The decisions of the judges are final.  This is a fun, community event whose purpose is to raise money to help those less fortunate.  

What is provided in the performance space?  Can I see it?

Sound equipment and engineering is provided for both the elimination rounds and final event.  Area 23 and Lithermans Limited Brewery welcome you to visit their establishments at any time during their regular business hours to view their performance space.

The Bank of New Hampshire Stage is currently under construction so it is not available for viewing at this time.  

How do I apply to be in the talent competition?

There is an online application that you need to submit, along with a video of your performance, in order to be considered.

If you have other questions that are not answered above, contact us