Major support is provided to CCEH from…


Major Operating Support in 2016-2017 has also been provided by…

Major Support from Donor-Advised Funds of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation: 
  • Anonymous donor-advised fund through the recommendation of Harold and Betsy Janeway
  • The Flatirons Fund
  • The Joesph G and Jean E. Sawtelle Fund
  • The Charles and Ellen Sheridan Fund
  • The Daniel Thomas and Karen K. Moran Charitable Fund
  • The Tuuri/Jones Family Fund

Major Financial Support from Businesses and the Faith Community:

Major Funding for the Shelter Construction provided by…



  • New Hampshire Businesses have contributed $431,000 through the CDFA Business Tax Credit Program. (Learn more)
  • Professional Services have been contributed pro bono or at reduced cost for the development of the winter shelter. (Learn more)
  • Concord area businesses support CCEH through SouperFest, our signature fundraising event in March. (Learn more)