SoupFest March 10, 2018- What’s it all About? 

The SouperFest soup dinner starts at 4 pm in an expansive and tastefully decorated function room at Rundlett School. Attendees can sample 30 unique specialty soups crafted by chefs from around concord including cheddar cheese and broccoli, Tovar black bean, chilled blueberry, Linsensuppe, soup pistou and borsht as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Artisan breads are available in abundance, along with a vast selection of desserts prepared by over 25 bakery chefs. Mike Bilodeau of Strings and Things Music will provide music, and food-safe bowls hand-crafted by local potters and schools can be purchased for $10 and up.

SoupFest is about the 35 plus Soups  and …..


 … SoupFest is about all the artisan breads and desserts…..


Jonathan Sadowski, SoupFest Bread Manager.

I have been a Concord resident for eight years and a homemade bread enthusiast for about the same amount of time. This is my 5th SoupFest and I fall more in love with and more committed to making this event better every year. Seeing homelessness up close through volunteer work at South Church’s cold weather shelter lit a fire in my belly to be active with the CCEH, and discovering a way to help while filling people’s bellies made my engagement with this event an easy choice.  I am a special education teacher in Manchester and enjoy playing basketball, hiking with my crazy family, and, of course, trying/inventing new bread recipes. I look forward to filling seats and reed baskets this year, and for years to come.

A special thank you to

our Bread Chefs: The Crust and Crumb; The Bread Peddler; Wesley United Methodist Church (Concord); Concordia Lutheran Church (Concord); Helaine Kanesgsberg; Carol Schapira; Ryan Walls; Oge Young; Lynne Morgan; Jon Sadowski; Jeannie Chin-Berger

our Dessert Chefs:  Wesley United Methodist Church (Concord); Temple Beth Jacob (Concord);  Concord Garden Club Concord Junior Service League;  South Congregational Church;  Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church (Concord);  Elizabeth Murphy;  Becky Cawley;  Pam Kenison;  Judy Proctor;  Faye Dunn;  Diane Raimo;  Judy Proctor

….. it’s about the artisan bowls, …….

Artisan Bowl Sale at SuperFest 2018!

This year the artisan bowl theme expands! Again available for purchase at SouperFest will be hand crafted soup bowls, but also, and NEW this year, 2-D artwork that features bowls! All proceeds benefit the work of CCEH.

The selection of soup bowls and art work will have been crafted by many individuals from professional and local potters and artists, to students and teachers from Broken Ground School, Rundlett Middle School National Art Honor Society, Concord High School, Hopkinton High School and St Paul’s School. Other Rundlett students in all three grades will work to decorate the SF halls and lobby. Stephanie Bednaz, art teacher at RMS said, “The kids are involved in this project because it is a fantastic way for our students to think about others in need and through their art to give back to those who are experiencing homelessness.”

Also involved is the Kimball Jenkins School of Art. Sara Petipas, a pottery teacher there, will volunteer as an instructor for groups to craft soup bowls for the event.

And on the painting front, there will be paintings from local artists including some from the Merrimack River Painters group.

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness would like to thank all of the above as well as the League of NH Craftsman for their support in helping to recruit artisans in support of SouperFest.

… and it is about the music, 

(Thank you Mike Bilodeau from Strings & Things Music)

and the camaraderie, the laughter and knowing that a community has come together to help those most in need.


SouperFest images provided by Mulberry Creek Imagery. Click here to view the full collection of photos.