March 30, 2019 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. (FunFest from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. SoupFest food service ends at 6:30)

Rundlett Middle School, 144 South Street, Concord 

SouperFest began as SoupFest, the brainchild (or heart-child) of  “Mr. Jim” Kinhan, and was an event of the South Congregational Church Seniors to raise a little money for some in-house efforts and to bring people together. In year 4 Mr. Jim offered to connect the event with CCEH as a fundraiser. Due to its growing popularity as a community gathering, a new, larger space was found at Rundlett Middle School, and SOUPFest was expanded to include FUNFest, therefore becoming SOUPER!

This community-wide event now welcomes over 800 people for an afternoon FunFest including bouncy house, music and games, cotton candy, popcorn and more; and an evening SoupFest featuring delicious homemade soups, artisan breads and desserts. SouperFest raises public awareness of CCEH and our work to end homelessness in this community, while raising funds to support ALL of our important programs. We hope to raise $50,000 this year – Please Join Us!!

This picture of SouperFest founder, Jim Kinhan, and CCEH board member, Ellen Fries, captures so much about the spirit of SuperFest.

Senator Dan Feltes

Honorary Chair, SouperFest 2019

It’s an honor to help play a small role in the larger effort to combat homelessness in our community, and I am incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone for this event and on this issue.

Mayor Jim Bouley
Honorary Chair, SouperFest 2018

I believe strongly that Concord is an incredibly caring community. That we are all willing to step up and protect our most vulnerable citizens at some of the toughest times of crisis in their lives says a lot about who we are and what we represent here in Concord. The Coalition has been an incredible partner for the City of Concord as we try, as a community, to create and implement a Plan to End Homelessness. The Plan includes housing for the most vulnerable and a permanent Winter Shelter, and attempts to address the many facets of this serious issue. I am therefore pleased to have the opportunity to serve as the Honorary Chair and in that capacity, I ask you to please support SouperFest 2019.

Ellen Groh
CEH Executive Director

CCEH is impacting homelessness on so many fronts.  We offer immediate assistance to people struggling with homelessness through our Resource Center, and we provide permanent housing for our most vulnerable neighbors through our Housing First Concord program. We are making Concord’s Plan to End H