Col’s Kitchen (Miso Noodle Soup)

Soup from Col’s Kitchen

Commemorative SouperFest T-shirt

Concord Food Co-op (Hungarian Mushroom Ale)

Soup from Concord Food Co-op

Finalist #1 Vote: Danny Lettre aka One Dan Band$5.00
Finalist #2 Vote: Derek & Kayla a Tap Dance$5.00
Finalist #3 Vote:Kaitlyn Dumont Performing Everybody Hurts$5.00
Finalist #4 Vote: Dead Harrison Performing End of the Bloodline$5.00
Finalist #5 Vote: Aim High Canines with Haeleigh Hyatt$5.00
Finalist #6 Vote: Emma Vargas Performing Heart of Glass from Blondie$5.00
Finalist #7: Fortune's Favor Performing I do all My Christmas Shopping at the Dump.$5.00
Georgia’s Northside (Smoked Brisket Chili)

Soup by Georgia’s Northside

Hermanos Cocina Mexicana (Vegetarian Chili)

Soup by Hermanos Cocina Mexicana

Iced Tea$3.00
O Steaks & Seafood (Roasted Red Pepper & Butternut Squash Bisque)

Soup by O Steaks & Seafood

Pickup Time: 3-3:30pm$0.00
Pickup Time: 3:30-4pm$0.00
Pickup Time: 4-4:30pm$0.00
Pickup Time: 4:30-5pm$0.00
Please notify me about Concord Coalition Events$0.00
SouperFest Tickets$5.00$10.00
The Barley House (Pumpkin Apple Bisque)

Soup from the Barley House

The Common Man (Clam Chowder)

Soup from the Common Man

The Works Cafe (Lentil Soup)

Soup by The Works Cafe

$5 Donation$5.00
Pit Master Special (Omnivore) Meal-For-1$35.00
$10 Donation$10.00
Pulled Pork Sandwich Meal$25.00
$25 Donation$25.00
Grilled Hot Dog$10.00
$50 Donation$50.00
Vegetarian/Vegan Meal$20.00
$100 Donation$100.00
$250 Donation$250.00
$1000 Donation$1,000.00