Press release Emergency Shelter Ribbon Cutting

Press release Emergency Shelter Ribbon Cutting

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

celebrates anniversary, completion of winter shelter

CONCORD – The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) hosted a 10 Year Anniversary celebration and Ribbon Cutting for the new Emergency Winter Shelter on Wednesday, May 23 at their property at 268 N. Main Street. Mayor Jim Bouley cut the ribbon with assistance from Liam King, son of Jake King, Winter Shelter Director. Liam and CCEH were sharing their 10th Birthdays! The Mayor commended the work of this amazing community which, he noted, always comes together in support of those in need. The shelter will be able to accommodate up to 40 individuals.

In her celebratory remarks CCEH Executive Director, Ellen Groh, also brought attention to the amazing support of the Greater Concord community for the Safe Spaces Campaign, a 3 year fundraising campaign supporting the Shelter project and ALL of the programs of CCEH. This campaign was completed in LESS THAN ONE YEAR! After thanking a large number of generous donors and also of contractors who worked on the Shelter at cost or at greatly reduced rates, Groh stated that “this is definitely a celebration and a time to reflect on CCEH’s significant accomplishments over our 10 year history. It is a huge relief to know that this safety net is now solidly in place for the life-threatening cold of winter.  But, we all know that shelters to do not end homelessness, and the real work is now ahead – working with our partners to bring more resources to Concord for permanent housing solutions that will end homelessness. In the next year we’ll be looking hard at the best ways to do that. We hope you will continue to support our work in the coming years.”

CCEH’s vision is a Concord community where everyone has a safe, decent, stable, and affordable place to live.

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