Permanent Supportive Housing

What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is an evidenced-based practice that assists chronically or long-term homeless individuals obtain and keep housing that is decent, safe, affordable, and integrated into their community. Individuals in a PSH program are people who had the highest barriers to obtaining housing and have the highest needs to maintain their housing.

CCEH Housing Support Specialists provide general supportive services such as helping individuals moving in and getting settled into their new home, as well as working with tenants on developing independent living skills such as budgeting and paying bills and applying for benefits programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, and Social Security; keeping their home clean and safe; as well as preventing and resolving conflicts with neighbors or the property management.

  • Tenants stay housed
  • Tenants improve their physical and behavioral health
  • Tenants increase their income and employment opportunities
  • Tenants are satisfied with the services and housing
  • Tenants develop and deepen social and community connections

Services are voluntary, comprehensive, and developed to reflect the goals of the tenant.

The role of the Housing Support Specialist is varied, depending on the tenant’s needs and goals. Many tenants require more intensive supportive services in the first 90 days of moving into an apartment. The transition for people who have been unhoused for more than a year into having their own apartment can be challenging, and the Housing Support Specialist may check in with the tenant daily for the first several weeks, but check-ins and direct supportive services may decrease over time as the tenant gains conference and independence in their home.