How To Help

The lack of affordable housing in this country, state and our local community is a crisis that will be intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, there is an opportunity to address the underlying roadblocks that have left so many without a home to call their own. Now is the time to energize the conversation around creating affordable and supportive housing for the most vulnerable of our citizens.

With the help of many, the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness is doing just this: developing four apartments to bring individuals out of homelessness and into their own homes.

But, there are, and will be, so many more who need our help.

For this reason CCEH is in the initial stages of a partnership with Fellowship Housing and Community Housing of Maine to build affordable and supportive housing that will keep individuals from falling into homelessness and also be the gateway for others to exit homelessness.

The first step? Finding property within walking distance to downtown Concord services is the first step in the process of building supportive housing.

Together, we can end homelessness.

Four other communities in the U.S. have done it. Concord can be next!


  • Donate to our Safe Spaces II campaign. 
  • Become a CCEH Pillar of Support
  • Donate your time
  • Donate items
  • Gift property – CCEH is committed to the Housing First model as part of our mission to end homelessness in Concord. With your gift of a piece of land or building, we can create more (see our current Green Street Apartments project) affordable & supportive housing – getting more individuals into homes and exiting long-term homelessness. The innovative thinking of homeless services providers worldwide has opened new creative pathways to develop such housing in efficient ways.
  • Make a financial gift