The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness received a $20,000 grant from the Lincoln Financial Foundation for 2022. The funds will help ensure CCEH can continue our work providing ongoing supportive services to people experiencing chronic homelessness in our community. Grants like these are instrumental in funding CCEH’s ongoing programs, and we are so appreciative of the team at Lincoln Financial for their continued support of our work and the Concord community.

The Lincoln Financial Foundation awards grants to hundreds of nonprofits each year that empower and improve the lives of people in their communities. Contributing to strong, vital communities is not only intrinsic to Lincoln’s values, they believe it’s their responsibility.

Lincoln Financial Foundation works with non-profit organizations that adhere to best practices and can point to proven outcomes. They look for partners who assess their programs for effectiveness and efficiency. Their areas of focus include:

    • Human Services
      • The human services focus area supports programs needed to overcome setbacks and prevent derailment in a time of crisis by reducing homelessness and increasing food security.
    • Education
      • The education focus area supports organizations that help students reach their learning potential and prepare them for critical transitions in their education including: starting school ready to learn, reading on grade level, middle school success, high school graduation, and college and career readiness. We fund programs that strengthen critical learning skills, improve academic performance and prepare students for college and careers.
    • Financial Wellness
      • The financial wellness area supports organizations that empower individuals to improve financial stability, resilience and security through financial education, skills training and workforce development programs. Measurable outcomes include understanding core concepts of personal finance, developing financial goals, establishing and repairing credit scores, and planning for long-term needs

Lincoln Financial employees are committed to service and responsibility. They make significant contributions in their communities, working side-by-side with their nonprofit partners as volunteers or board members. They encourage employees in their major locations to organize volunteer activities, from cleanup days in parks and schools to food and clothing drives, mentoring students and building homes.