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Families in Transition is making a lasting impact on reducing homelessness in Concord, ‪#NH. Stephanie Savard, the Chief Operating Officer talks about how the services they offer and how you can be part of the metamorphosis in people's lives.

 In this episode Su McKinnon talks about some of her greatest success stories with moving lives forward from homelessness to home.

Su Mckinnon of Catholic Charities New Hampshire describe what makes her organization different from other agencies in her efforts to find solutions to homelessness. 

Rise Again Outreach is quietly making a difference of those most in need in Concord, Manchester, Franklin, and Loudon, New Hampshire. This is a tour of their facilities that runs the whole operation. 

In Part II of our series on Rise Again Outreach we learn about the service they provide from their outreach site at The Friendly Kitchen. Steve talks about how satisfying it is to see volunteers come together to help raise up those who are struggling with homelessness.

John tell his story about how his faith in God was instrumental in his struggle to escape homelessness. 

Part III of our continuing series with Riverbend Community Mental Health, Inc. talks about the role substance abuse plays in #homelessness and what is being done to solve the problem.
Part II of our continuing series explores why working to end homelessness is important work.

Part I of our video series exploring how mental health and substance abuse impact the efforts of many in the Concord community's ability to escape homelessness. This interview includes the CEO of Riverbend and an outreach worker who has experience giving clients treatment in their camps.  

The Owner of Yo Yo Heaven tells about everything YO Yoriffic. He shows off his Yo Yo competition skills. 

 The is how a soup from a small French cafe in the Alps found its way to SouperFest 2016 in Concord, NH.

 Arnie Arneson tells the moving story about how she learned to cook her late husband's soup.

 An interview with Jim Kinhan the founder of Souperfest (Coming soon March19th). Jim talks about how the event has grown from a small event with friends to community wide event. Please like and share this video even if you don't plan to go because it will help get the word out in our efforts to raise money to help people experiencing homelessness.

 The 7th Annual SouperFest will take place Saturday, March 19th, from 4-7 pm with homemade soups by celebrity chefs form the Concord-area. FunFest will have games, inflatables, and snacks for kids of all ages from 2-5 pm.


Every year on the darkest day of the year we pause to remember those who have died or lives were shortened by #homelessness. It is a time of reflection, of song, of prayer, and a promise to strive to do more for those in the greatest need. A full version will air on Concord TV in the next few days with on demand options as well. Presented in parternership with American Friends Service Committee. (

Posted by Concord Homeless Resource Center on Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Faces of Homelessness panel discussion hosted by NHTI featuring four individuals who have had or were currently experiencing  homelessness. 

  Panel Discussion following the showing of 'time out of mind' starting Richard Gere.

Panel Discussion following  the documentary Homestretch