In this episode John, a co-team leader, talks about how his faith in God helped him to escape homelessness and how he applies this experience to helping others.

In this episode the CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health and an outreach worker who visits the homeless camps talks about the work they are doing to create solutions to homelessness. The discussion includes helpful tips if you know a family member or friend who is experiencing mental illness or homelessness.


\This is part one of our series on mental health and substance abuse and how the community of Concord, New Hampshire is responding to these challenges.

This is a second installment in our Behind the Soup series. It tells the story of how one couples soup was discovered in the mountains of France.  

Arnie tells the moving story behind her soup that she cooked for the annual SouperFest!  

This is an interview with the founder of SouperFest the annual fundraiser for the Concord Coalition to end homelessness. Last year the event raised 28,000 and was instrumental in advancing the cause of ending homelessness in Concord, NH. This is a community wide event with artisan soups, carnival games, bouncy houses, and a ceramic art display.  

Every year on the darkest day of the year the citizens of New Hampshire gather to remember those who have died while experiencing the hardships and struggles of homelessness. The following is recording of Concord, NH memorial. This recording includes a reading of Governor's proclamation, the reading of the names of the fallen, stories, and songs so powerful they will resonate in your memory for years to come.  

CCEH presents a discussion on homelessness that followed the movie Time Out of Mind staring Richard Gere. The discussion was moderated by Peter Evers and included members of the Concord community who are currently homeless as well as an expert on homelessness. This was very moving and powerful event.  

The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness presented a panel discussion on the faces of homelessness in cooperation with NHTI and Concord TV. This Podacast provides a firsthand account of the experiences and stories of people who have or are currently experiencing homelessness.