Bluegrass BBQ

A Foot-Tapping, Lip-Smacking Good Time! The Legend Grows.

“Best BBQ I ever had!”

You can’t miss when you put Bluegrass and BBQ together

Grillin’ and chillin’ with NH’s best “smokers” – on the griddle, or on the fiddle! By the time you arrive, the brisket has smoked all night and generous portions of the real deal Texas-style BBQ are waiting for you.

“The Bluegrass BBQ is a way for the Concord Coalition to End Homeless to raise money for probably the most important social initiative that we can possibly be behind.” –Tom Raffio President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental.

July 23, 2022 11-5:00 PM White Park, Concord

(A special thank you to Mulberry Creek Imagery; CCEH’s event photographers and Pillar of Support)

Menu and order form – COMING SOON!

The Menu

What is the BBQ All About?

Like the other two CCEH fundraising events (SouperFest and Talent Show) the Bluegrass BBQ is about the community coming together to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, promote awareness about the homelessness crisis in our community, and raise very needed funds.

The Bluegrass BBQ is all about ……..

Fun for all Ages
Fun for all Ages
Bring the family and friends to the Bluegrass BBQ. They will enjoy the park, the food and the music.
The Food
The Food
This is the real deal BBQ. Check out the 40 foot smoker in the background. Countless hours are spent planning and preparing the menu for the BBQ feast. To see the complete menu and to place your order use the link below.
Menu and Order Form – Coming Soon!
Four Great Bands
Four Great Bands
The food is delicious, but it’s flavor is amplified by the awesome Bluegrass music. The music performances make the day. Four bands volunteer their time to make this a special event in the park.
The Location
The Location
White Park is an ideal setting for the BlueGrass BBQ. Bring a chair or blanket, select your special spot and enjoy.
The Volunteers
The Volunteers
The day is only made possible through the many volunteers.
The Sponsors Make it a Financial Success
The Sponsors Make it a Financial Success
A special thank you to all of the SouperFest sponsors and to those that are Pillars an Premier Pillars of Support.
BBQ Sponsors and Pillars of Support


It was Bill’s idea!

Wilcox & Barton

A special thanks to Wilcox & Barton and its co-owner, Bill Wilcox. Bill is the founder of the Bluegrass BBQ. As the pit master, he spends countless hours planning and then, using his 40 foot smoker, cooking for this event. Wilcox & Barton is also a CCEH Premier Pillar of Support.

A Special thank you to Our

Arches of Support

In 2021, the below Arches of Support provided $130,000 for CCEH initiatives and programs.